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Working together to share our history, grow our community, and promote our future. This is the mission statement of Grow Greater Greenfield, G3, a non-profit organization that was founded in 2010. The goal of G3 is to revitalize and beautify Greenfield, particularly the downtown area, while providing fun events for the community. The original name of the organization was Greening Greater Greenfield but was changed in 2017 to better suit our purpose. All the funds raised by our non-profit organization are put back into the projects we are working on for the community. Our funds also help us provide events for the community to enjoy.  We have several events planned throughout the year. Currently our board consists of 15 members with others serving on committees. We are always looking for volunteers to serve in any capacity, rather it is on the board, on a committee or volunteering at one of our events.  If you have any questions or ideas, please reach out to us from our Contact Page.


Pictured left to right

Deb Crago, Merleen Vandyke, Kyle Barr, Nate Luke(Lions Club), Shirley Gaskell(Lions Club), Steve Pierce, Tom Schluep, Lynn Counter, Susan Thompson


Pictured left to right

John Losey, Tom Schluep, Kelly McNeil, Stuart McNeil, Susan Thompson, Merleen Vandyke, Lynn Counter

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Hi! My name is Kyle Barr. I married my highschool sweetheart 3 years ago and we just had our first child at the end of last year. Currently I work at the Greenfield Branch Library as well as serve on the village council. I joined G3 just over a year ago now. I decided to join because I wanted to be able to help my commmunity have fun things to do right here in town. Another reason I joined was because I knew about all of the work G3 was doing to beautify the town and I wanted to help out with this in any way I could.

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